Monday, September 25, 2006


Pastic products.

Kind wishes to participants of discussion!
On use of ecologically safe secondary materials it is a lot of ideas. And some of them are realized. For example, one person has constructed the house of plastic environments from old automobile accumulators. It appeared very warm.
Resources are spent for recycling of plastic container? There are no problems. It is possible to fill in the used plastic bottles and other pickings by fine waste products, and to use these capacities as a building material (during small construction). They can be stuck together and saved on cement. The big weight of plastic container connected in huge rafts can be used for emergency time clearing waves during a storm.
It is possible to use plastic container for formation of cavities in concrete monolithic products. Their durability will be higher. Weight - much less. Use of the big weight of plastic container connected in huge rafts for emergency time clearing waves is possible during a storm.
Strong plastic container, it is especial at simple закачке in it of simple air gets high positive buoyancy. Here again weight of ideas which are clear to all. For example, a designation of necessary places on a water table. I.e. use of properties of a float and so forth.
There is an idea to use empty plastic container together with other materials for creation of strips (sites) of safety for people at carrying out of technical kinds of sports.
In a cold season the used plastic bottles - fine feeding troughs and drinking bowls for birds. Some children know about it.
Now we know also.
Sincerely yours, Dr. Vladimir Moiseev.

Thursday, September 14, 2006


JFS and Information society.

Mr. Shiro Hosojima!

Thanks you for the organization on-line discussions within last year you have kindly allowed me to see and analyze materials Japan for Sustainability. In my opinion it only
the beginning of a mass movement of people all over the world - to make
clean and safe an inhabitancy. Here there are some economic problems. The first - transition to pure manufacture. The second - processing of waste products of ability to live. The third – restoration cleanliness of an inhabitancy. These problems will be effectively solved under one important condition - presence at people of ecological thinking which is directly connected to development Global information society. It is that basis which can unit and people and the country - care of cleanliness of woods, global ocean, air. The nature "cared" of the person many thousand years. Time has come and for the person - "to take care" of an inhabitancy. Is necessary to trust that in the future the person will be surrounded with cherry gardens. It is envy from ourselves. At me near to a country small house grows three cherry trees. I shall put some more cherry trees as a token of support Japan for Sustainability. I did not manage to visit the last year at your exhibition. I hope this year will be more successful.
Is glad to welcome all participants of discussion!
Dr. V. Moiseev.

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